Shakaakimikwe Giizhigad

Because it is Shkaakimikwe Giizhigad – Earth Day I thought we should learn some nature words.

Shkaakimikwe – Mother Earth

Giisis – Sun

Dibik Giisis – Moon

Noodin – Wind

Ankwaad – Cloud

Anang – Star

Nigwaagan – Rainbow

Asin – Stone

Zibi – River

Nibi – Water

Gamig – Lake

Mitig – Tree

Mitigoog – Forest

Wiigwaasaatig – Birch Tree

Giizhikaatig – Cedar Tree

Mishkode Miizhmiizhaatig – Red Oak Tree

Zhingobiinsaatig – Red Pine Tree

Niinaatig – Sugar Maple Tree

Wiisgaatig – Black Ash Tree

Miishkoonhs – Grass

Pakweyashk – Cat tails

Wiingushk – Sweetgrass

Mushkodewashk – Sage

Asema – Tobacco

Comment from Charles Lippert April 22, 2011:

Because the eastern dialects drop vowels (syncoped) when short and unaccented, here are the same list words in the full double vowel spelling with the vowels lost in syncope indicated as:
‘ = i that is syncoped
ª = a that is syncoped
º = wa, wi and o that are syncoped

In some communities, instead of totally dropping the vowels, these instead become a schwa (compare Mondageesokwe’s original listing to this any you’ll see which ones are kept as a schwa!).
Also, for reference, plural endings are also provided (even in words where a plural form makes *absolutely no sense*) as the plural form tells you the animacy of the word (i.e., if it ends in a “g”, it is animate (have a spirit), and if it ends in a “n”, it is inanimate (have no spirit)). Knowing the animacy helps the person better understand the world around us and our relationship to the world around us.
Miigwech Mondageesokwe for sharing!
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
ªshkaakªmigºkwe-giizh’gad(oon) — Be Earth Day(s)
ªshkaakªmigºkwe(g) –- Mother(s) Earth
giizis(oog) –- Sun(s)
d’bik-giizis(oog) –- Moon(s)
noodin(oon) –- Wind(s)
aanªkwaad(oon) -– Cloud(s)
ªnang(oog) –- Star(s)
nªgwaagan(an) –- Rainbow(s)
ªsin(iig) –- Stone(s)
ziibi(in/wan) –- River(s) (plural form depends on the community’s usage)
n’bi(in) –- Water(s)
ªgamii(g) -– Lake(s)
m’tig(oog) -– Tree(s)
m’tigoog –- Forest (lit. “Trees”)
wiigwaasaatig(oog) -– Birch Tree
giizh’kaatig(oog) –- Cedar Tree(s)
mªshkode-miizh’mizhaatig(oog) -– Red Oak Tree(s)
zh’ngobiinsaatig(oog) –- Red Pine Tree(s)
‘ninaatig(oog) -– Sugar Maple Tree(s)
wiisªgaatig(oog) -– Black Ash Tree(s)
miizh’shkoons(an) -– Grass(es)
ªpakweyashk(oog) –- Cat tail(s)
wiingashk(oon) –- Sweetgrass
mªshkodewashk(oon) -– Sage(s)
ªsemaa(g) -– Tobacco(es)