Weweni Boozhoo!

I am not an elder... I am an elder - in - training lol. But I wanted to include this page for some community Elder women to talk about current issues in our communities. Why just Elder Women? Because they do not get as many chances to voice their wisdom publicly as often as the menfolk because they are taking care of the children, other elders and family.

The words that they post here will be their own, they will email me their posts and I will post them as is on this blog. We have not decided on a time frame for posts as these elders are active running ceremonies and community activities, talking circles, and other things as well as having jobs and families to care for. These women are knowledgeable about traditional Anishinabeg matters, they are involved in the traditional life ways of our people daily. They are seen as Elders by their community, and are Elders in wisdom - culture bearers not just age.

They will be posting soon, stay tuned! :D

Bama api!