What does a bear dream of?


So this week has been dedicated to draw draw DRAW! I just completed two new much larger pieces that I am going to have to go have a printing place make into prints for me as they are much too large to do at home. And I completed the smaller piece I mentioned in an earlier post entitled How Turtle Got Her Shell.

The first larger piece is of a woodland style fancy shawl dancer  -- an up close and personal look at her shawl... is she a spirit or is she a human we don't know because we cannot see her, just her shawl that contains everything in it - all life... and then there at the bottom Mother Earth Turtle is holding on to her shawl while she dances... How long can Mother Earth hold on while we dance and pray?

The second piece is in answer to the question: What do bears dream of while they are in their den? This one was an experiment in using isopropyl alcohol to bleed the sharpie colors, and then using watercolor pencils and water to fill in the background and make it dream like. This one is in the woodland style.

Stay tuned: as soon as these are made into prints and I can get a digital scan I will post them for your viewing pleasure :D