New ! Featured Woodland Artist Showcase

Weweni Boozhoo!

Today, I will be beginning a new adventure, Featuring other Woodland Artists on my blog! My objective is to create more awareness of the Woodland Style of art in general, to showcase and promote other awesome artists work to get those who are not from Canada, to realize that Ojibwe Woodland Art is a valid style of art with many forms and expressions from different artists.

Due to Woodlands Style being first introduced to the public in Canada, and being where the Woodland School of Art Institute is located, the Canadian public are well aware and appreciate Woodlands Art more across the board. The other reason for this has to do with agreements the Canadian Government has with their First Nations - to promote and educate the public about the First Nations, their culture (including art) and language.

I would like to do my part in furthering this art appreciation, and promotion of Woodland Art and Artists to the United States and beyond which is my focus in posting these new articles featuring Woodland Artists!

A Call For Woodland Artists

If you know an Anishinabeg Woodland Artist or anyone who works in the Woodland Style of Art that you would like showcased on my blog please contact me at!