Changes at Makoohns Den - New Gallery Photos


I have been tweaking the site a bit this evening, changing the colors and adding new photos of some of the art work, baskets, and beadwork that I have created. The baskets are either made from Black Ash or Sweetgrass in the Anishinabe way, the beadwork are my own designs.

The CD is of the Wabanaisee Singers (Snowbird Singers) - an Anishinabeg Women's Hand Drum group. I have been a member of this group of awesome kwewag since it grew out of our Women's Circle around 2004.  We recorded this CD a while ago, but if anyone is interested in buying a CD email me at and I will put you in touch with our founder who has the remaining CDs.   CDs are $20. For more information about the Wabanaisee Singers or to hear about past or upcoming shows, click on the Wabanaisee blog page.

I will be trying to get a hold of beadwork and art that had walked away, been bought or gifted to get some snapshots of those on here so you all check out the different types of art I have created over the years.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new site design... 

Bama Api