A Call To Action

Boozhoo Aanishinabedog,

I proposed a few years back, while in a meeting working on language revitalization, that the Michigan tribes should approach the state through a legislative proposal to make Aanishinabemowin language one of the official languages of the State of Michigan. At the time, I was told it was not an issue anyone was interested in pursuing.

This is a mistake, I am going to re-propose to all of our Aanishinabeg tribes out there, a call to action for our language. Make a legislative proposal to get Aanishinabemowin made an official language of the State of Michigan. Why? because it legitimizes our language and people as modern and real, and will open up the minds of school boards, funding sources, and legislators on language revitalization efforts both on and off the reservation and reinvigorate our image as modern people in the minds of our Michigan citizenry. Legislative actions such as these have helped greatly in other states such as Hawaii, and countries (Maori of New Zealand - Maori national language), language revitalization efforts.