Adventures in Teaching Art

Aanii Folks,

I am a board member of the Belding Arts Council and since our director and teacher retired in December, myself and Lori have been given the task of teaching the art classes at the gallery. So, I have been gearing up for my students and have found that my second class of the week is concentrated with students interested in either comic superheros or manga/anime. 

Well, hmmm, thinking ensued, and I thought we should start out with landscape style sketchbooks so the students can have room to practice drawing figures, character sketches, figures in different positions, culminating in layouts and composition --into a real comic or manga story. So, being that we are a nonprofit operating on a shoestring in a poorer city, I decided to make the student's sketchbooks using Japanese 4-hole book binding technique. I have posted photos on the art portfolio page. I will have them decorate their book covers towards the end of their projects so that the can put their characters on them. I made them out of sketchpaper, colored copy paper, recycled heavier poster board scraps, and cotton thread. Here they are, let me know what you think in the comments. While I was at it, I also made a Coptic bound sketchbook, that I covered with fabric and embellished. (Photos on art portfolio page). I will be using this one as an example and for my step by step lessons. 

On with the step by step figure drawing lessons for me....and a watercolor student too...yay!  Groot and Superman step by steps done....watercolor color wheel, techniques 1,2,3 , and tree done now...Cowboy Bebop.... Bama pii!